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If you need a wildlife company in Highland IN to help you on mole trap, lawn pest removal, mole trapping and other digging animal problems, please call our number on the page. We have specialists on burrowing animals like moles, gophers, rodents and other similar species. In addition we can also provide wildlife control services and can handle other wildlife animals like bats, waste clean-up, flying squirrels, odor removal, mice control, snakes, decontamination, raccoon, opossums, beaver, woodchuck, skunk removal, attic repair, ground hogs, birds and more. We remove wildlife animals in humane and professional manner.

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The moles have excellent sense of smell, but have poor or even non-existing eyesight and hearing. The wildlife digging creatures have tiny bead eyes, with small ears. Some species even have no external ears. The ears and eyes of moles are usually covered by fur. The two powerful senses of moles are their sense of touch and their smell. This helps the burrowing animal in their digging activity below the surface. Mostly solitary all year, moles seek mates to breed. They do this in spring sometime in February to March. The female mole can have two to five baby moles.

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What are the characteristics of the digging animal mole in the U.S.? The mole is just a small wildlife animal. It weighs from eight ounce to nineteen ounce. Its length ranges from four to six inches. The mole can fall prey to foxes or wolves. This can happen if the mole decided to come up in the open from their burrows. Predators mostly wait for the mole to come out. Moles live alone. So you will not usually see a group of moles in Highland. A mole will seek a mole of another gender after the cold season, where they mate and breed for new off spring. A female mole can give birth to two to four baby moles. The mole is within the Chordata phylum, and depends on earthworms primarily as their sustenance.

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