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For your Lake Station IN mole trapper, gopher removal and lawn pest removal, call us right now. We have wildlife experts on digging animals that often dig gardens, golf course, lawn, field and backyard. After we've inspected your area, we'll make appropriate planning to determine the best procedure to eliminate the burrowing creature. We can provide a mole trapper to capture the mole and remove it from your property. If there are other wildlife species lurking in your premises, we can help you remove that as well. We have specialists on skunk, beaver, rodents, mice, bats, squirrels, raccoons, snakes and other dangerous Indiana wildlife animals.

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A garden with a lot of worms can attract a mole. Some homeowners think however that there's an infestation of moles if they see twenty to thirty mounds in their lawn. The worms wouldn't be able to get away if they fall in a mole's dug tunnel. With a strong sense of smell, the mole will quickly run into the area of the earthworms. Moles are actually solitary. A single mole usually has its home range and rare are the times it overlaps with another of their species. During their breeding season, moles start meeting up with other mole. There's usually around 2-3 young moles, with the mating season happening around February. This is usually after winter season.

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Photo credit: thekirbster / / CC BY

Photo credit: thekirbster / / CC BY

The moles have no ear in their head with their tiny eyes covered by fur and skin. They have no neck and have long cylinder round body. They have short legs and strong powerful claws. They're known to shovel tunnel systems below surfaces of fields, farms and lawn. They use these tunnels as escape path from hawks and eagles. They also use the tunnel as their nest, lard and worm trap. Some of the moles in Lake Station don't work with other moles, but prefer to live alone. The peak of their mating season is after the cold months. In winter, they shovel deeper burrows to get away from extreme cold in the surface. Worms and ground insects are scarce in cold season, so the moles depend on the worms they have accumulated on their lard somewhere in their nest.

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