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For Munster IN mole trapping and lawn pest removal, just contact one of our wildlife animal specialists. If those small mole hills starts to appear in almost all area of your lawn, you would need a mole trapper to get rid of the mole. These animals maybe small, but they have powerful claws and they are persistent diggers. As soon as the creature start digging tunnels, mounds would start appearing. Don't take this for granted. You can contact us to inspect your site. We will then make a recommendation on the best solution to capture the burrowing animal. In addition, we also provide wildlife removal of the following: skunks, bats, rodent species, birds, squirrel, ground hogs, gophers, woodchucks, beavers, lawn pests, chipmunks, rats, opossums, burrowing animals, mice, digging animals, raccoon, snakes, and other Indiana wildlife animal species.

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Mole trapper in Munster IN

Moles have cylinder shaped bodies and have lengthy curved claws. They have tiny beady eyes which has a poor function. They do have ears. However, this wildlife animal doesn’t have a strong sense of hearing. The two senses which the mole uses extensively are their sense of touch and sense of smell. The mole is sensitive in their paws and claws. They have a strong sense of smell which helps them track down their food. Moles are called Talpidae in scientific papers, while they belong to the Soricomorpha group. The moles are small in size, around six inches at most. Moles live mostly under the surface, digging, rarely peeking above ground. Hawks and owls are considered as predators of the mole.

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Photo credit: thekirbster / / CC BY

Photo credit: thekirbster / / CC BY

Moles in Munster Indiana prey on worms and small vertebrates. However, the moles can be a food source for several larger predators. The tunnel system which the moles create is usually their escape route if an eagle, coyote or alligator chases them. The tunnel systems are usually elaborate. These tunnels though serve another purpose aside from being escape paths and refuge. Worms which moles like to consume, fall into these tunnels. In some ways the tunnels of the mole is also called 'worm traps'. In these tunnels the mole also keeps lard, some sort of storage area for all the worms they have captured.

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In North Township Lake County, you can contact us for lawn pest removal experts and cost-effective mole trapper. Pick up the phone and dial our hotline.

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