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For Hammond Indiana mole trapper and professional mole trapping, please call our hotline for inquiries and questions. Moles are common lawn and garden diggers. This wildlife animal may also cause damages in grass of golf courses and resort establishments. Generally, it is more cost-effective if you deal with the digging animal's burrow habits on its early stages. Capture them with mole traps. If you let a mole stay far longer in your property, it could have already created extensive tunnel systems, which meant a lot of mounds and mole hills. Contact a Hammond IN wildlife company immediately to remove the mole.

Also, there are cases there's one or two more wildlife animals other than the mole in your home. If your place is near wildlife conservation area, forest or woods, chances there wildlife species may find their way in your home. You can also contact us for Hammond Indiana wildlife control services. We also provide
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What is the eating behavior of moles? Though moles are considered omnivores by studies, their main source of energy and muscle in digging are earthworms. The moles work actively in their time by persistent and consistent tunnel digging. This burrowing system is actually their 'worm trap'. Moles wait for earthworms to fall in the tunnel. As soon as the creature sees the worms, they will quickly go the spot to paralyze the worms with their toxin filled saliva. Moles may store the worms in lard or consume it immediately.

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Photo credit: thekirbster / Foter.com / CC BY

Photo credit: thekirbster / Foter.com / CC BY

Moles dig tunnels not just to trap worms, but also as a safety shelter from big animal predators. The mole in Hammond is within the Soricomorpha order and from the family of Talpidae. The burrow living creature is small in size which makes them prey to larger fierce mammals like hawks and crocodiles. As stated, the moles main food is the earthworm. They may eat other insects and even mice. Small young animals like birds and rodents may also be an option. The tunnels they dig become a catching reservoir for their food source. The mole will quickly run towards the worms or mice that fell into the tunnel.

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