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Most home owners have no idea on their lawn pest problems and would sometimes use home remedies which are not safe. For mounds and mole hills, you would need to mole trapper to get rid of the burrowing wildlife animal. There are many types of digging animals such as the start-nosed moles, pocket gophers and eastern garden moles. Whatever type of species, it can completely damage your lawn. It would be more costly since your most of the soil would be damaged. You can contact a wildlife company to help your plan the best procedure in removing the pest creature. In addition, we also provide full wildlife control services. Other wildlife animals we can handle include beavers, opossums, chipmunks, gophers, burrowing creatures, birds, digging animals, squirrel, woodchucks, skunks, bats, lawn pests, rats, mice, ground hogs, raccoon, rodent species, snakes, and other wildlife species. We remove dangerous animals in Ogden Dunes IN in a safe, professional and ethical means.

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Mole trapper in Ogden Dunes IN

The leather of the mole said to soft. The animal's fur has a smooth texture, quite unique that its fur is never brushed away into a mess. Its fur is short, dense and does not nap. This characteristic is distinct for the mole's burrowing activity. If moles dig, you will see a spot of the ground rise up, like a mini hill. This happen because a mole dig systems of tunnels, which they use as pathways of their territory. These tunnels are also used as a catch basin for worms. The moles hunt for worms more than any other food source. They rarely eat crops. However, the mole causes a lot of plants to be uprooted, a problem for farmers.

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Photo credit: thekirbster / Foter.com / CC BY

Photo credit: thekirbster / Foter.com / CC BY

Moles spends most of its time underground digging tunnels. They eat worms and soil insects, while they may have parasites in their bodies. Consumption of the animal should not be considered. At the moment, there's around twenty or more known species of mole. In America, they are prevalent and have caused damages in golf courses and fields. For instance, the damage that the burrowing creature create in Ogden Dunes properties are usually small, but many mounds. Known to be digging animals, these moles are also sub-species of aquatic nature. Other mole species mostly differ in size, with similarities in physical features in the body and the head.

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Don't let moles and other digging animals destroy your lawn, garden and golf course. Contact us today for mole trapper and eradication of lawn pests in Portage Township in Porter County Indiana.

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