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Mole traps and lawn pest removal can best be done by a wildlife professional. They can assist you on finding the best way to remove the tunnel digging animal. We understand how bad your lawn can be when mole hills start to rise up. The animal mole can be the one to be blamed for the trouble. You can contact one of our experts right now for assistance on mole traps. Aside from the tunnel digging moles, we also have wildlife specialists on other dangerous species such as bats, skunks, raccoon, rodents, snakes, groundhogs, beaver, squirrels and other wildlife animals. Send us a message today for any inquiries on animal trapping, wildlife control, mole traps and more!

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Moles which spend time under the ground usually have dense short fur. Their pelts actually do not nap and have velvety texture which you don't see in surface dwelling creatures. These fur characteristic of moles help them in their digging and burrowing activities. This also helps them to move back and forth, without their fur getting brushed off place or getting messed up. The mole actually has soft supple leather which at some point became a favorite of Queen Alexandria of the United Kingdom.

Photo credit: Matt Seppings / / CC BY

Photo credit: Matt Seppings / / CC BY

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Moles damage outdoor landscapes by pushing molehills and digging lawns. This has made the subterranean creature a pest in Griffith Indiana. Roots, flower bulbs and plants can be directly and indirectly damaged by the burrowing activity of a mole. It's not easy eradicating moles with do it yourself methods. Some home owners try chemicals, noise machines or blowing smoke. This can actually become counter-productive and can even push the mole to dig more tunnels. We recommend setting up mole traps. Get specific mole traps and not just any other animal trap. You can ask about this from wildlife company.

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