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If you require a mole trapper in Chesterton IN, send us a message through our hotline. We have specialists in moles, pocket gophers and other garden burrowing pest creatures. Aside from these tunnel digging animals, we also provide other wildlife company services such as raccoon removal, squirrel trapping, rodent control, lawn pest removal, as well exclusion of other wildlife creatures. Other animal species we can handle include woodchucks, chipmunks, mice, bats, flying squirrels, snakes, skunk, ground hogs, beavers and other similar creatures. You can contact us if you don't know the animal, but has been a pestilence in your property.

For mole trapping and wildlife removal in Chesterton IN and communities in Jackson Township, Liberty Township and Westchester Township, Porter County Indiana.

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Most homeowners have lawn problems caused by pests they can't identify. Only after they consult wildlife professional do they learn that the molehills were caused a digging animal called 'mole'. The food diet of moles consists of land insects with their favorite, the earthworms. Did you know moles have toxins in their saliva which can paralyze the worms and allow the mole to store it in larders? These larders are some sort of worm cache which is located somewhere in their tunnel system. Moles do not eat plants or vegetation, though their digging can easily uproot crops.

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Photo credit: thekirbster / / CC BY

Photo credit: thekirbster / / CC BY

The tunnel system of a mole can be recognized by appearance of the mole hills, a significantly large mole hill marks their main nest, most probably with a food cache of the worms they have caught nearby. Smaller mounds mark the trail of their tunnel system. Moles are considered pests. Gardeners and farmers try many ways to remove the digging animal from their lawn. Some try using a water hose to flood the tunnel. Other homeowners in Chesterton Indiana use poisons and chemicals. Some of these methods rarely work and provide long term solution to the problem. Sometimes mole waits for water to subside, and then they go back digging. Moles dig for worms so they will only go into with these creatures and not in a place with chemicals.

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