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We provide professional assistance for the removal and complete eradication of moles in households in Dune Acres IN. We can help you with mole traps, lawn pest removal and other wildlife animal removal services. Some of the other common wildlife animal procedures we provide include bat exclusion, beaver control, raccoon removal, squirrel trapping and snake removal. We can assist you on the best way to solve digging animal problems from star-nosed moles, pocket gophers, New World moles among many other. We provide cost-effective and safe wildlife removal services.

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Mole trapper in Dune Acres IN

The broad footed mole is included in the classification of mole sub families, within the Talpids. There's another closely related species the Desmans, but experts don't consider them as 'true moles'. The moles said to have evolved from shrew species ancestry because of the subterranean behavior and a couple of traits. Other digging animals aside from moles and can also cause significant damages to gardens and lawns. It would take a careful inspection however to see the differences of the burrowing species from 'true moles'. Some are considered to be distant relatives, while species with names like 'mole rats' are completely unrelated to the main group.

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Photo credit: Matt Seppings / Foter.com / CC BY

Photo credit: Matt Seppings / Foter.com / CC BY

Most residents can't identify the cause of soil mounds in their lawn. Only after the mounds appear that cover almost all the grounds do they start seeking lawn pest professionals. The mole is one of the prime culprits in the emergence of these small hills. Moles dig extensive tunnels underground which cause the soil to push upwards. In Dune Acres, damages to plants and roots can happen. The wildlife animal also disrupts the ecological diversity of the soil as the mole consumes or store earthworms continuously. Moles get protein, muscle and energy from the worms they caught in their tunnels. Mole trapper is an excellent method to eradicate the Indiana wild animal.

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