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Digging animals can be damaging in lawns and golf courses in many ways. Chances are there's a mole or burrowing animal living in such areas. You would need to contact a wildlife management company to inspect your place to determine the procedure and applications needed. If it's a tunnel digging animal that causes mounds and mole hills, you would need a mole trapper. You can get in touch with one of our wildlife experts to assess the level of the lawn pest problem. In addition, we can also remove wildlife animals like raccoon, bats, squirrels, mice, opossums, gophers, rats, snakes, skunk, rodents, wild birds, woodchucks, beaver and other dangerous creatures. Contact us today in Merrillville IN, we have a range of wildlife control services.

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The moles stick most of the time to an earthworm diet, since these creatures give them the protein and energy to continue with their digging activity. However, there are other insects which the mole also consumes. Mites and beetles are also considered by the wildlife animal. Studies say the mole need to eat at least near their body weight to compensate for the energy the burrowing animal spend in digging. A mole is not that big and ranges twelve to fifteen centimeters in length. The body has a cylinder like shape, with no neck but pointed snout.

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Photo credit: thekirbster / / CC BY

Photo credit: thekirbster / / CC BY

The moles are hardworking, but at the same time thrifty wildlife animals. Other than resting, the mole will dig extensively throughout their waking hours. The molehills seen in fields, farms and lawns are most of the time caused by the mole's dug tunnel system. You can't see moles above ground most of the time. The wildlife creature stays below the surface to rest, sleep or continue digging. Moles in Merrillville range fourteen to sixteen centimeters and survive eating worms, beetles and mites. They also consume small mice. These foods are stored in larders underground. The mole however can fall prey to owls and hawks. The cylinder shaped mole would then use the tunnels as escape route against predators.

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Are you in need of mole trapper and lawn pest removal in Ross Township in Lake County Indiana, you can contact our staff for questions on how to effectively remove digging animals like moles.

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